Introduction: GoPro Reflex Display

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I use an old GoPro action camera to capture my mountain bike rides but unfortunatelly the display is at the front side and this way it is almost impossible to look at it while riding the bike. For this reason i created a frame that supports a small mirror, which reflexes the displayed infromation to the riders eyes.

Because at the end the construction looked like a frog i decided to add some final touches to make it look more like a frog!


3D pen and fillament

Duct tape

Rubber band

Step 1: Covering the Camera

Start covering the front side of your camera with duct tape, this will protect the casing from the melted plastic. fillament and help you remove the drucked form easier.

Step 2: Covering the Mirror

For this project you will need a small mirror about the dimensions of the camera display. First cover the back side of the mirror with duct tape and then with fillament from the 3D pen as seen on the video.

Step 3: Making the Mirror Support Frame

The support frame will hold the mirror to the right place and at the right angle in front of the display. I made a rectangular pattern, which fits exactly at the rectangular lence cover and then connected it to an arc on the upper side of the on-off button on the front side of the camera.

Step 4: Mounting the Mirror to the Support Frame

At this step we are going to put the mirror and the frame together with the help of the 3D pen. Because the mirror can not be moved after this step please pay special attencion to the installation angle of the mirror, it must reflect the display about at the height of the eyes while riding the bike.

Step 5: Add the Rubber Band Mounts

The last thing to do is to create two mounts at the sides of the frame. At these mounting points you can add a rubber band which will hold the whole constuction in place while riding your bike.

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