Introduction: Bird Pillows

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I've had this nice Northeastern bird panel fabric for a while, but couldn't quite decide how to use it as each 8x10 inch print was too large for a potholder, too small for a pillow, so I put the general idea of any project on hold until something else materialised...

Step 1: Pillows, Gonna Make Them Happen.

I had two leftover pillow forms from a project, just... taking up space.. in my view, everyday.

: )

"How about if I border the pillows with coordinating colored strips, to create a final square of the pillow dimensions of the 16" forms that I have?"

( I was WAY too busy with work recently to even entertain that idea, but now that my work environment has almost normalized, this project has reasserted itself with plausibility.)

I found a good-quality red material that worked well with the prints, and searched and searched through my fabric stash until I finally found a woolen that was just perfect for the backing.

Step 2: Creating the Verticle Strips

Depending on your panel size, you will create the vertical strips needed by finding pillow form size, and adding seam allowances. That is your total width needed. Each seam allowance is about 1/2", so be sure to add that to each strip edge(as it will be minused within the seam allowances) And, of course, a 1/2" will be taken from each side of the panel piece.

Press right sides tog., then press outwards.

Step 3: Creating the Horizontal Strip

This step is much easier as no math is involved.

Okay, a little(yay!). Be sure to minus all seam allowances that would be deducted and add that to the strip.

Press seam allowances as before.

Step 4: Backs and Zipper Install

  1. Cut out backs the same size as finished fronts.
  2. Choose appropriate zipper sizes.
  3. Baste very long stitches along bottom of pillow, right sides tog.
  4. With seams pressed open, place zipper onto, centered, and sew on each zipper side, using zipper foot.
  5. Finished zipper seam.

Step 5: Opening Zipper Seam, Finishing Pillow

Using a seam ripper, open up zipper seam.

Pull out loose threads.

Press. Turn right-side out and press.

Step 6: Stuff With Pillow Form and Display!

: )

Hope this inspires you to use lovely yet weird-sized fabrics to turn into pillows that you can use and enjoy, or give away as a gift.

~ Cynthia

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