Introduction: Bird Window Play Center Perch Modification for Larger Bird

I saw this play center at a local bird shop, clinging to the window, and thought it might bring some joy to our Sun Conure. My intention was to add the play set on the inside of the window, and a bird feeder on the outside of the window; so she could safely hangout with the wild birds. The play center says it's designed for small to medium birds. The swinging perch it came with is much too small for a medium sized bird, or Sun Conure. To remedy this, I quickly fabricated a replacement perch that would place our parrot at the correct height for the food/water cups and still be at good height to look out the window. I wanted the perch to be stable and comfortable (she is pretty spoiled after-all).




  • Hack saw, pull saw, or other (to cut the dowel)
  • Screw driver
  • Drill and drill bit (optional for pre-drilling a pilot hole into the end of the dowel)

Step 1: Build and Install Larger Diameter Perch

Remove the existing swing perch, and its hooks. This will leave a key hole slot that we will use for mounting the new perch.

Cut the dowel to the necessary length. The length will be a little shorter than the space between the key hole slots, due to the thickness of the mending plate.

Pre-drill a small pilot hole through the center of both ends of the dowel. 1/16" or 1/8" diameter should be plenty.

Screw the flat head screws through a hole in the metal mending plate into the ends of the wooden dowel. The 3" mending plate worked great for our conure.

Place the bolt through the mending plate (on the end opposite the wood dowel). On the other end of the bolt and mending plate, add a washer, and a nut. Don't tighten it yet. You may need a thicker washer. I tried two or three different washers until I found one that didn't leave the end of the bolt protruding out past the nut when fully installed. Why? Because I didn't want the parrot to accidentally scrape up against it, and get hurt.

Place the bolts of the new perch through the key hole slots of the play center. Tighten as needed. Try to make sure the ends of the bolts won't be scrapping your bird. Find a thicker washer if necessary.

Step 2: Finished

Not much to it, but now it does support a medium sized bird.

If you haven't already hung the play center, make sure to moisten the suction cups first. This helps it adhere better.

I strongly recommend placing a suction cup bird feeder on the opposite side of the window. You may need to experiment with the height. I wanted our bird to be at eye level with the other birds.

We put water in one cup, and a snacks in the other. Using a seed ball got our conure excited to use the play center (or window seat as we call it now). She seems to enjoy some time just hanging out and looking out the window. The outdoor birds don't seem to bothered by the colorful parrot on the other side of the window.

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