Biscuit Cake- No Bake Cake You Can't Stop Eat It.




Introduction: Biscuit Cake- No Bake Cake You Can't Stop Eat It.

Amazing, Tasty, delishes beautiful and with out bake biscuit cake you can't stop eat it.

Step 1: Materials

1. 160 grams of pudding

2. whipping cream 500 milliliter

3. cup of milk

4. Mascarpone cheese 25%

5. 500 grams of careml biscuits.

6. chocolate (not mandatory)

Step 2: Preparation

1. put all the meterils except of the chocolate,and the biscuits in the mixer until we get a cream.

2. put the cream in the fridge helf hour.

3. take a plate and put there milk, dip the biscuits in the milk and put them in pirks template, put the cream all over the biscuit, do it four times, the top of the cake is cream.

4. you can put on the cake grated chocolate.

5. bon appetit.

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7 years ago on Introduction

Soaking the biscuits in milk is fantastic idea. I used to put them like this, but it's far more tasty when they're soaked


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Looks delicious! Just a suggestion: the correct phrase is "No bake cake", I was a little confused by "with out bake", otherwise your recipe is clear!