Introduction: Bisi Bele Bath Recipe - Bisi Bēle Bhāt - a Brown Rice & Lentil Pilaf -

Bisi Bele Bath Recipe.

Bisi Bēle Bhāt is a popular staple in Karnataka. In Kannada, the vernacular of the land of its origin, ‘Bisi’ refers to ‘heat’ (temperature & not the spice level), ‘Bēle’ is lentil and ‘Bhāt’ is rice. Besides Karnataka, this comfort dish is quite popular in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh as well. It is just that a lot outside the Kannada speaking regions get the pronunciation wrong, including one of us. Every household in South India has their own take on this dish. So, there is no standard template for a perfect bisi bele bath recipe. Understand the flavour elements and make it the way that is most convenient for you.

Our bisi bele bath recipe will yield 2 servings, with 585 kilocalories in each.

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