Introduction: Blast-A-Cat

A creative way to make art using a slingshot.


-Paint (black, orange, blue, and white)


-x-acto knife

-Workout band

-Duct Tape

-Paint brush

-Water balloons


-Plywood (at least 1.5' by 3'ft)

-Empty soap dispenser

Step 1: Obtain Plywood; Then Paint

Get a piece of plywood that is no smaller than 1.5' by 3'.

Paint one side of the wood white. You may need to use multiple coats.

Step 2: Cut Out and Paint the Cat

Using your x-acto knife, cut a cat shape out of the cardboard. Make sure the shape is small enough to fit on the piece of plywood without going over the edges.

Using the paint colors you have, get creative and paint one side of the cardboard to look like a cat.

Cut out eyes, a nose, and a mouth using the x-acto knife.

Once the cat dries, use the duct tape to tape the non-painted cardboard side to the white side of the plywood.

Step 3: Make Slingshot

Using the exercise band and the duct tape, craft a pocket that is taped to both sides of the exercise band loop, as seen in the photo.

Don't be afraid to use a lot of tape, as the sturdier the pocket is, the better the paint balloon will fly.

Step 4: Pump Up Balloon With Paint

Grab the soap dispenser and fill it with a cup of blue paint and two tablespoons of water. Put the lid on and shake it up so it is mixed well.

Take a water balloon and wrap it around the nozzle and pump the mixture into the balloon. Tie it off.

Step 5: Set Up the Test Site

Go outside, or to a safe testing area.

Find two adjacent poles and wrap the workout band around each one.

Set the cat target up 10' away from the slingshot.

Step 6: Blast the Kitty

Put your balloon in the slingshot, pull back, and fire.

You can hit the target multiple times ,until you completely cover all of or most of the cat stencil.

Step 7: Check Out the Results

Once the paint dries, peel off the stencil and take in the art you have created.

Feel free to use the black paint to add whiskers and any other details that may add creativity or liveliness to the cat.

That's it! You are officially an artist.