Introduction: Bleached T-Shirt Design

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This project is an easy way to make an old t-shirt more exciting. It's very little hands-on time - the longest part is letting the shirt dry.

You will need:
- a spray bottle filled with bleach
- an old or unwanted cotton t-shirt: dark colored (black, navy blue, royal blue, or maybe green)
- cardboard (size depends on design)
- craft knife and mat to cut on
- sharpies (optional)

The t-shirt should be dark in color, like I said. Also, make sure there is no printing on the part where you want to put your design, as the design will not show up.

I used cardboard from the back of a notepad.

Step 1: Find a Design

Find your design. It's up to you and the space you have on your shirt. I chose a "periodic genius" design.

Trace or copy your design onto the cardboard. Any fine details will be difficult to cut out and will show up poorly on the t-shirt, so you don't have to draw them.

Put the cardboard on the cutting mat and cut out the pattern design from the cardboard. I used an X-acto knife.

Step 2: Spray

Lay the cardboard pattern cutouts on the t-shirt as you want them to appear.

Spray the t-shirt liberally with bleach. You want the spray bottle to create a fine mist. If you only spray over and near the cardboard, then you will create a gradient of color.

The t-shirt will change color immediately. After about 30 seconds remove the cardboard from the shirt.

Rinse the shirt in water and wring it out. Hang it up to dry.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

When the shirt is dry, lay it on the floor or on a table.

Select an appropriate color sharpie. I used black and red. Draw on your finer details or small print. It's difficult to select a matching color, especially on the fabric. You can also use fabric paint if you have it on hand.

Make sure the sharpie doesn't bleed through the shirt to the table or floor (trust me, I've made that mistake before).

In the picture you can't see the sharpie, but it's there.

Wear and enjoy your newly designed t-shirt!

Or, you can make it into a t-shirt bag, at one of my other instructables.

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