Introduction: Bleaching T-Shirts

This is a tutorial on what you need and how to bleach your own T-shirt to make a unique cool style.

Step 1: Materials

Step 2:

fill your small dish with bleach and proceed to paint you design on the black T-shirt (dark colored T-shirts work well too) 
It will take awhile for the bleach to show up so be patient. You might have to wait or guess where you put the next line depending on you style ( depending on how thick you put on the bleach 30 sec- 2 minutes) Make sure you are working in a well ventilated area and have cloths on that you don't mind getting some bleach spots on.

Step 3:

After you have your design on and want to add more effect around it to make it interesting you can use the spray method. You will need to put 2:1 bleach to water solution into the empty spray bottle. then to cover your art work make a stencil out of duck tape and place on top of already drawn parts. (Where ever you put the tape there will be no bleach dots. Now stand a few feet away and give it one or two good sprays. 

Step 4:

After it has dried for a few minutes and the dots have showed up you can remove the tape. but be very careful to first wipe of the bleach that has puddled up on the tape if you don't want drops running down your shirt (but it looks pretty cool if done right).

Step 5:

Let dry for about an half to a full hour then rinse in COLD water and let dry. Now you are ready to wear your awesome new T-shirt!
Good luck! P.S. for variation you can make a stencil out of duck tape and then use the spray method to fill in around it.
You might also want to wash this by itself for the first few times.