Introduction: Bleed Knot Leather Keychain

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Watch the how-to video and print instructions here.

Project Summary: Looking for scrap leather projects? Use leather remnants and a few basic leathercraft tools to create a beautiful handmade leather keychain.

What You’ll Need:

· Assorted Leather Remnant Bag (75-4916)

· Poly Cutting Board (65-2916)

· Cushion Grip Snap Off Knife (65-2860)

· Brass Plated Key Ring, 1" (06800-BP-1)

Step 1: Cut Leather to ¾" by 8" or 10"

Place your Cutting Board on your workbench. Using your Knife, cut a piece of Leather at ¾" by 8" or 10" (whatever is possible from the remnant length) and cut a taper on both ends.

Step 2: Add Key Ring

Slide a Key Ring on, and hold this in the center of the strap.

Step 3: Cut a Slit in Leather

With the strap unfolded, and the Key Ring in the middle of the strap, cut a slit lengthwise in the front strap roughly ½" down from the Key Ring and about ¾" long.

Step 4: Push Back Strap Through Slit

Take the back strap and bring the tapered tip through the front strap and pull tight. Now this strap becomes the front strap.

Step 5: Cut Another Slit

Cut a slit lengthwise on the front strap roughly ¾" below the last cut and roughly ¾" long.

Step 6: Pull Back Strap Through Slit

Pull the back strap through the slit and tighten. This strap now becomes the front strap. Note: Pulling the back through the front twice is good, but feel free to add as many “pull-throughs” as you wish.

Congratulations! Your leather keychain is complete!