Introduction: Blinky Badge

About: I am a human that likes to make things.

I wanted to make a Star Trek communicator badge so I made this but you can make it what ever you want. You will need
corrugated cardboard (MUST BE CORRUGATED), tape, wire from a bread tie, one colored LED, coin cell battery, scissors, markers, and a safety pin. (NOTE: it doesn't actually blink but it will shine)

Step 1: Trace and Cut

Trace the shapes you want for the badge and cut them out. You can have layered shapes if you want.

Step 2: Color and Glue

Color your badge how ever you want. If the badge is layered hot glue the pieces on top of each other after the ink has dryed.

Step 3: Decide Where to Blink

Think about where on the side of your badge you want to blink based on the shape.

Step 4: Make the Blinker

Sandwich the coin cell battery in-between the legs on the LED so that it shines, if it doesn't shine flip it around.
Bend one of the legs out so the LED doesn't shine.

Make sure that when you squish the bent leg it shines, and then when you let go the wire springs back and doesn't shine.
Flip the badge over and place the LED fixture where you need it to be.

Step 5: Tape It On

Tape the unbent wire onto the coin cell battery.
Tape the sides of the battery to the badge with room for the wire to touch the battery and to put the safety pin.

Step 6: Make the Pin

Push the bread tie wire through a hole in the side of the corrugated cardboard.
Slide the ends of the safety pin through the wire and bend it with your hands to make it stay.

Step 7: Wear It

Pin it on to your shirt.
Press your badge and see it shine!