Introduction: Block Puzzle

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I have just recently started working in Tinkercad and I thought that this puzzle would be cool to share. it consists of 6 different shaped pieces that all interlock and fit perfectly. I enjoyed making this puzzle in Tinkercad and I hope that you will as well.

Step 1: Getting Your Blocks Ready

The first thing that we are going to do is click Create New Design. This should take you to a blank page and a new workspace.

The first thing to do now if move a box to your workspace. You are going to have to adjust the size into a rectangle. The length of the box needs to be 50.00, the width of the box will be 10.00, the height of the box will be 10.00 as well. Once you have this box set to the size needed, you are going to duplicate this 5 times. you can hit Ctrl + D or just go up and hit the duplicate button located in the top left corner of the workplace. You should now have 6 rectangles.

Step 2: Second Block

The first block will simply be one of the rectangles that you just made. Move one of the blocks up closer to the front so that we can see it. You are going to need to zoom in on this block so that we can see what we are doing. You are then going to add another square to the workspace. This one will be a clear box. Adjust the sides to 10 and the length is going to stay at 20. Height doesn't matter. Next, we will be scooting the box forward so that we are not cutting a hole in the entire block. I scooted it forward and then centered it in the middle of the block lengthwise. After you are finished with that, select both blocks, go up to the top and hit the group button. This will cut part of the block out making the puzzle piece.

Step 3: Third Block

On this block, we are going to do the exact same thing that we did to the last one. If you don't feel like trying to make it perfect again, you can select the previous block and click Duplicate. Or press Ctrl + D. This will give you the first part of the next piece that you need. We are going to add another box to out workplace. This is where it gets kind of tricky. You are going to measure the height of your rectangle and raise your transparent box up to half the height. You are going to adjust the dimensions again. The dimensions of this smaller piece will be 10for length, and 10 for width. The height that it will need to be raised it 5. Once you have this done, you can move it into your rectangle. Center it using the align button and then group the shapes together once again. Move it back to join the rest of the rectangles. This block is done. If you are setting it up like it am, the back three blocks should be finished.

Step 4: Fourth Block

For starting out the fourth block, I am going to start by duplicating block 3 and using it as the start. I am going to ungroup all 3 pieces and only use the smallest clear piece. So, take the middle piece that we used for block 2 out and leave the small piece. Adjust the first piece and align it in the middle. Once you have it aligned, go ahead and group those two pieces together. Flip this piece so that it is facing up. Add another box to the workspace and shrink it down to half the size of the last piece you make. The piece needs to be adjusted to 5. The length will be 5 and the width will be 20. Duplicate this and put it directly against the previous shape. Place one on both sides. Try to center it directly in half of the block. Once it looks correctly aligned, group all three shapes together. Remember, these 2 blocks that we just made need to be clear boxes! Block 4 should now be finished.

Step 5: Fifth Block

To make this block we are going to need a block exactly the same as the block we used in Block 4's making. We need the block that measures 10x10. Place it in the block so that it lines up in the center of both the length and the width. Refer to picture. Group these pieces together. Before you roll the block over 90 degrees, You need to duplicate the 10x10 block. Set it aside, and we will use it later. Rotate your block 90 degrees. Duplicate this block and set it aside. Go ahead and delete the last complete rectangle that you have. The duplicated block that we just did will be used for your last block. The block that we previously duplicated (10x10)will now be used. Move it so that one of its edges lines up directly in the middle of the last cut you just made. Group the blocks together. Rotate the block 90 degrees once again so that we can see both cuts at the same time. Spin it 180 degrees and move it back to join the others. The 5th block is now finished.

Step 6: Sixth Block

For this last block, we are going to take the piece that we duplicated before and move it up front to where we can see it and modify it. We are going to take another 10x10 box and do the same things that we did for the last piece except for this time we are going to place this one on the other side. Once this is done, group the blocks together and flip it again 90 degrees. Spin it around 180 degrees just like we did on the last one. We are now done with all six pieces and are ready for assembly.

Step 7: Assembly

On this part of the Instructable you just have to go with the labels, and the actual puzzle. Thank you for checking out this instructable. Feel free to leave a comment, a tip, or a question. If you have trouble putting this together, send me an email, and I'll get back to you. Thanks for taking a peek!

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