Introduction: Easy DIY Flower

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Here is another fun and easy flower you can make with only a few supplies. It is great for little kids but also great for adults and teens. You can make as many of these as you want and make whatever you want. I decided to make a bouquet and put all these in it. I can't wait to see what you all decide to do with yours. Leave a like, comment, tip, or question. Thanks, and enjoy!!!

Step 1: Supplies

Glue - Glue Stick and Liquid Glue



Green Pipe Cleaners

Yellow Paper

Pink Paper Strips 11"x 2" strips


Paper Cutter

Step 2: Drawing the Flowers

Step 3: Cutting the Flowers Out and Folding Them

Step 4: Flower Assembly

Step 5: Flower Middle

Step 6: Stem

Once you are done with the assembly, we are going to grab our pipe cleaner and tape. Fold a little piece of the pipe cleaner over and tape to the flower. It doesn't have to be directly in the center. No stem is perfectly centered. Plus it gives a cool look to a bouquet if you decide to do one.

Step 7: Finishing

Like we did on the last flower, we are going to curl the edges with a pencil or something like a pencil. Simply wrap the petal tip around your object and curl and hold for a second. Repeat on all edges. If your flower comes apart during this time or starts to move, just glue it some more and then let it sit there and dry. Now we are done. Thanks for following along and reading all this. I hope you enjoy your flower. Be sure to show me what you came up with and leave a comment, tip, or question. Please be sure to vote for this in the Paper Contest! Thanks!!!