Introduction: Tiny Terrors Block Trigger Sniper Rifle/shotgun

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Pic 1: stock
Pic 2: gun
Pic 3: scope
Pic 4: fully assembled

I'm sorry that this is a block trigger, But for me it's almost impossible to make a true trigger, So no true trigger guns anytime soon.

Can be shotgun if you put in 3 green rods.

Step 1: Bullet

Super easy.

Step 2: Stock(purely for Quicker Reload and Better Look)

Build from da picture if you can

Step 3: Scope(optional)

Easy. You don't need broken pieces I just broke my white connectors.

Step 4: Barrel

The main barrel. not too complicated

Step 5: Handle

Build 3 of these

Step 6: Barrel + Handle

Putting barrel and handle together.
Handle goes on the part of red rod that's left on the barrel

Step 7: Handle + Stock Attacher Thingy

Handle plus the stock attachment point(2 blue rods on lower handle)

Step 8: Barrel + Scope

Use the blue rod on bottom of scope to attach to the orange connector(not the block trigger)

Step 9: Handle + Stock

Attaching stock to stock attachment point
I personally put it on the back facing down instead of up, makes it easier to sight, and it's more comfortable.

Step 10: Ram Rod

So ez M8

Step 11: Inserting Ram Rod and Elastics

Inserting ram rod and adding rubber bands, The amount of rubber bands = amount of power
Pic 1: insert ram into barrel
Pic 2: put elastic on front and over scope

Step 12: Firing

Pull the ramrod back and put bullet in barrel then move block trigger out of way of ram to fire!