Introduction: Blooming Spring Cupcakes

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Now that frigid winter is over, celebrate the blooming flowers with these cupcake toppers. The cookie finish gives them a nice crunch; while the candy top gives you a little treat after the cupcake is eaten up.

What you need:
• 12 chocolate cupcakes
• Chocolate frosting
• 2 cups crushed Oreo cookies
• Green licorice
• 12 Dum Dum Pops
• Fondant leaves

Prepare cupcakes according to the box directions, or purchase premade chocolate cupcakes.

Completely cover the top of the chocolate cupcake with plenty of frosting for the cookie pieces to stay. You can either use a spatula or a piping bag with fluted tip.

Place a mound of crushed Oreo pieces on a piece of parchment paper, then take cupcakes by the bottom portion, flip upside down and gently press the cookie pieces onto frosting.

When the ‘dirt’ is in place, you will move onto the flower portion of the Easter cupcake.

Glide the lollipop stick of a Dum Dum Pop, into the premade licorice hole. The licorice will be too long, so you can feel where the lollipop stick ends and either pull it apart or use scissors to gently cut it off at the end.

Unwrap the Dum Dum Pop and make sure the top of the licorice is flush to the lollipop. We chose to use pink and yellow because of their vivid, Easter colors.

Jab the candy flower into the middle of the cupcake and insert about an inch. Make sure to leave plenty of ‘stem’ visible to let taste-testers know it can be removed.

Next, place fondant leaves next to the stem to finish off the look.

If you lost any cookie crumbs in the course, you can shake some of the left-over cookie crumbs over the bare spots to fill them in.

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