Introduction: Blossom Tart

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A beautiful tart garnished with edible flowers for Mothering Sunday. It takes 2 days to prepare to ensure the layer cake won't burst when you slice it. Buy the edible flowers either at a centre for fresh produce or gather them at places where people don't walk their dogs, maybe even in your own garden.

Step 1: Ingredients:

  • 160grams sugar
  • 125grams flour
  • 25grams butter (melted)
  • 5 eggs
  • 2 1/2 tea spoons starch
  • 11/2 tea spoons baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt

For the filling:

  • 600grams double cream cheese
  • 350grams cream
  • 70grams icing sugar
  • 2 sheets vanilla sugar
  • 1 sheet cream stiffener
  • 1 lemon

Pistachios or any nuts as garnish (optional)


  • Springform 18-20cm
  • Kitchen scale
  • Food processor
  • Mixer
  • Cake spatula
  • Cake cutter leveler

Step 2: Beating the Eggs

Preheat your stove to 180°C (350°F) and melt the butter. Crack the 5 eggs and froth them in your food processor. Add a pinch of salt and gradually add 160 grams of sugar. Then let the food processor stir this for at least 10 minutes until it has a creamy consistency. Meanwhile sift 125grams of flour with 2 1/2 tea spoons starch and 11/2 tea spoons baking powder.

Step 3: Adding the Flour

When the eggs are creamy, add gradually the flour mix to the food processor. Then add the butter. Let the food processor stir this for another 5 minutes.

Step 4: Filling the Springform

Meanwhile grease the springform and sprinkle some breadcrumbs inside. Then fill the springform and bake for 30 minutes at 180°C (350°F).

Step 5: Skewer Test

Check the cake at 25 minutes for its colour, if it is too dark put a layer of parchment paper on top of it. After 30 minutes put a skewer into the cake and see if anything sticks to it when you pull the skewer out. Add another 5 minutes if necessary.

Step 6: Cutting Into Layers

The finished cake needs to be cut into 3 layers. Either use a cake cutter leveler or if you are skilled just use a bread knife. If you are somewhere inbetween like me, create a track with your knife and then use a thread to finish the cut. Put the layers into the fridge while you prepare the rest of the tarte. I prefer to let the cake rest for 1 night in the fridge, the moisture content gains a better distribution.

Step 7: Ingredients Filling:

  • 600grams double cream cheese
  • 350grams cream
  • 70grams icing sugar
  • 2 sheets vanilla sugar
  • 1 sheet cream stiffener
  • 1 lemon

And the ready-baked cake!

Step 8: Mixing

Grate the lemon zest, cut the lemon in two, and squeeze out the juice of one half into the food processor. Add 70grams icing sugar and 600grams double cream cheese. Let the food processor stir this for 5 minutes.

Step 9: Ingredients Cream

  • 350grams cream
  • 2 sheets vanilla sugar
  • 1 sheet cream stiffener

Step 10: Whipping

Meanwhile prepare the stiffed cream. Measure 350ml cream, add the 2 sheets vanilla sugar with 1 sheet cream stiffener and stir with a hand blender until stiff.

Step 11: Mixing

Now you can mix both creams into the filling, I used the food processor again for 5 minutes. Take the cake layers out of your fridge and the cake spatulas out of your kitchen drawer.

Step 12: Transforming the Cake Into a Tarte

The filling should be as thick as a finger between the layers. Carefully place all layers on top of each other, don't squeeze out the filling. Coat the top until you have 1/3 cream left. Put the tart in the fridge for 2 hours. Then coat the sides with the remaining cream and put it back into the fridge for 1 hour. Personally I let it rest in the fridge for another night, again.

Step 13: Garnishing

Crashed pistachios serve as a prime coat between the blossoms. The edible flowers should be added right before the cake is served, the cream does not support a long shelf life. A list of edible flowers can be found here.

Step 14: Serving

Some forget-me-not were freezed into ice cubes for glasses of Rosé. The cake is durable, tasty, spongy and never dry nor squishy. Be careful with the edible flowers please, check twice if they are edible and leave them out if you are unsure. Serve the cake with some pistachio pieces on the the plate. Happy Mothering Sunday!

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