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Introduction: Blue Butterfly Latte

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This was a super fun experiment. I wanted to create a drink using the butterfly pea flower tea. I knew it would be blue but I was unsure of how it would taste. Most of the time, when I create recipes, if I add ingredients that taste good on their own, they will taste good together. Obviously, there are exceptions. I like pickles and I like chocolate but I don’t think they would be good together.
For this recipe, I decided to keep it simple. There’s only three ingredients. That’s right, just three ingredients. It’s certainly the shortest recipe that I have written. Sometimes, you just don’t a bunch of extras to make something tasty. This is one of those times.
When I make a new recipe, I always ask my family for their input. They are always so nice to at least try my creation.
On this one, I had some unexpected feedback. My husband said, “whoa, this is like the blue milk from Star Wars,” and my daughter said, “ this stuff smells like sugar cookies,” and proceeded to finish the cup in 5 seconds. I tried mine and I could see why she liked it. It was warm, flavorful, and comforting the way hot chocolate is. I loved it and I loved the blue color. Maybe I will watch Star Wars tonight and have some blue milk, I mean Blue Butterfly Latte.

4 cups sweetened vanilla almond milk
2 tea bags of butterfly pea flower tea
1/4 cup honey

Step 1: Preparing the Drink

In a medium sauce pan on the stovetop, heat four cups of sweetened vanilla almond milk on medium heat.

Step 2: Preparing the Drink

Add two tea bags of butterfly pea flower tea. Make sure you secure the ends of the strings so they don’t slip into the drink.

Step 3: Preparing the Drink

Add 1/4 cup honey and stir. Heat for fifteen minutes.

Step 4: Get Ready to Try It

Remove the tea bags. I pressed them a little with the back of a spoon to get some more color out of mine. Stir the drink and ladle into tea cups. Enjoy!

If you are interested in making your own blue drink, I bought this box of tea bags on Amazon. Search for blue butterfly pea flower tea.

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