Introduction: Blue Majesty

This is a clay messenger bird I made entirely out of clay. The base is made out of wood and moss.

Step 1: Make a Bird!

First, you must create the body of a bird out of clay. The structure is the hardest part, so take your time with this! There are several methods to creating a body, but I started by making an oval shape and working from there.


Once you have made the bird's body/head, make sure to hollow it out!

Step 2: Make the Bird's Head!

It is very important that the head is symmetrical. Make sure you pay attention to that! Create a head by rounding your clay into a ball and add a pointed beak by scoring.

Step 3: Make the Feet & Claws!

Now that you have made the upper half of the bird, it's time for the feet! Make sure your feet are wide enough so that it can hold the bird's body weight/stand. This can be done by attaching thick strands of clay to a rounded base. Add claws/details to make it more realistic.

Step 4: Add Details!

This is the most important part! In order for your bird to look realistic, you must add feathers, texture, claws, and mixed media elements!!

Step 5: Add a Base!

Create a platform for your bird to stand on! This one is just a wooden base covered with moss and small shrubs to add greenery.

Step 6: Firing Time/Glazing!

Put it in the kiln and let it fire. Make sure you hollow it out first! After its fired, enjoy glazing it to however you please!

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