Introduction: Bluebird House DIY

This is a fun DIY on how to make a safe Bluebird House where Bluebirds can build a nest.


- Cardboard

- Pencil

- Screws (specifications on blueprint)

- Wood (specifications on blueprint)

- Drill

- Drill bit

- Saw

- Drill for bird hole

- Ruler or measuring tape

- Wood Glue

- Stain

- Stain Painter

Step 1: Blueprint

First, you want to use the blueprint and make specific measurements on the wood it told you to buy. You can also use Tinkercad or something similar to make an online prototype. If you want to make it even easier, you can use hot glue and cardboard to make a 3D prototype. Make sure the wood is 3/4 in. thick. I would also recommend getting a 1x6, 1x8, and 1x9 when buying wood. Most woods work, I just used Common Whitewood. Here is some measurements if you could not understand the Blueprint. The back will be 18 inches in height, 6 1/2 inches wide, and like I said, everything will be 3/4 in. in width. for the sides, The longer side will be 10 1/2 in. in height, the shorter side will be 9 1/2 in. in height. It will also be 5 inches in length. Once you do that to one side, do it again to the other. The bottom of the Bluebird house will be 5 x 5 in. Next is the roof or the top. The top will be 8 x 9 in. You will need to make a 10 degree cut on the side that is 9 in. long. Now you will lastly need to do the front. The front is 9 3/4 in. in height, and 6 1/2 in. in length. You will also need to make a hole in the front. The middle of the whole is 8 in. front the bottom. The hole will be 1-9/16 in. You can check you hole measurement. You can do this because the top of the hole will be 1 inch from the top. The will also be 2 ventilation holes (one on each side) in the middle 1 inch in height front the bottom of a side. The hole will just be the size of a pivot hole.

Step 2: Cutting

Once you have made all the measurements, use a saw to cut the wood. If you are confused about the measurements, here is another blueprint picture.

Step 3: Holes

Now you need some holes and grips. Make the ventilation holes where the blueprint says to. You also need to use the drills needed in the materials to make the holes necessary for this birdhouse. Just drill where you made your measurement. On the same piece of wood as the hole birds use to enter the birdhouse, make indents on the inside of the wood to make sure the birds can climb out. You will need about 5-7 cuts for the birds to crawl out.

Step 4: Put Together

Once you get the birdhouse wood cut, you will need to use the screws from the blueprint to put together the birdhouse. These screws need to be 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches long. To put the birdhouse together, use your drill bit to make a small hole in the wood, known as a pivot hole. You will make this hole exactly where you when to screw your screw in. Make the hole about half an inch to 1 inch deep in the wood. Now use your drill bit to drill the nail into the drill bit. Make sure to hold down the wood as tight as you can so you don't mess up. Remember to make a door on one of the sides. You can do this by putting nails parallel to each each other on the front and back sides. You will want to make a pivot hole, before every screw you screw in.

Step 5: Cracks and Sanding

If you have any cracks in the wood from the screws, then now is the time to use a very small amount of wood glue to fill the cracks. Once the wood glue is dried, use a hand sander or sanding paper to sand all around the outside of the birdhouse.

Step 6: Wiping

Now use a damp rag or paper towel to wipe of any extra sawdust on the outside of the birdhouse before you stain.

Step 7: Staining

Now you are on the last step. Now put your cardboard under your birdhouse, and use the painting stain tool to lightly paint a thin layer of stain around the outside of the birdhouse. It is harmful when inside. Try not to get the stain on your hands.

Step 8: Drying

Now you want to wait for the stain to dry on the cardboard.

Step 9: Finished

Now your finished, just set up your bird house someone of your linking, and you are good to go!