Introduction: Blues Brothers Gorilla

First step was to choose a suitable subject, the gorilla I chose was on an online auction site raising money for endangered animals. I have been being asked for ages to make a ventriloquist puppet so I did.

Items needed:-

Donor cuddly toy

Needle and cotton (pink and white)

Felt material (Pink and white)

Clothes (personal Choice)


Then you decide and start the cut

Step 1: Research

I wanted to see a gorillas face and mouth as he didn't have a mouth feature as such, just a fabric line.

This is when the first cut is made to pre determine the length of the mouth and the space available in the cavity.

Step 2: Creating a Mouth

First thing first:-


I started off making a roll of white felt, slightly shorter than the length of the mouth cut, this was then sewn around at intervals to form a basic tooth. A molar was created by sewing down through the tooth to flatten it into place and shape. The canines were made by sewing a small cone onto the existing tooth shape to give it a point.


Another roll was made, in pink felt, both longer and fatter than the tooth roll, the teeth were then sewn onto this and the teeth were sewn in the spaces to bring the gums slightly up the teeth for the healthy look.

The upper and lower parts were hinged together and an upper and lower piece of pink felt is sewn in to close the mouth, a seam is sewn into the upper part and a tongue is made and sewn into place.

I personally made a tonsil to dangle at the back of the throat as I am just quirky like that, and the whole lot was sewn to a tube that was made out of pink felt, one end was sewn around the edge of the gums and the other end of the tube was kept open for a later

Step 3: Styling

Once all that is in place, the clothes need modifying to suit the size of the cuddly toy, this could mean widening, lengthening and the backs of all of the upper garments need openings made in them for access to the inside of the tube so as to be able to manipulate the mouth and features.

Step 4: Dressing and the Finishing Touches

I accessorised with a pair of glasses, a child's hat and a bow tie, for the classy jazz look. He now sits next to the modified Ratatouille as seen in the pictures, he is played with by visitors both children and adults, but he is loved and liked by everyone who sees him.