Introduction: Board

I'm making a board. And my teacher also wants me to make this.

Step 1: Making a Board

I'm making a board that is approximately 8 inches by 12 inches. I first cut pieces of wood in to strips so that I could glue the into a pattern of 2 dark, 7 white, 2 dark.

Step 2: Gluing the Board

I then glued the individual strips of the board together and the put about a million clamps onto it so that it would be properly glued together and that it wouldn't fall apart.

Step 3: Planing

After the glue has sufficiently dried I took off all of the clamps. Then I brought the board over to planer and I planed it so that the board was slightly more smooth.

Step 4: X-Carve

After I planned the board I gave it to Mr. Benincasa

Step 5: Rounding

After the board went through the x-carve to get flattened we mark the corners with a round edge then I cut them on the band saw after I got a rough outline of the the corners I used belt sander with 60 grit sandpaper to finish rounding out the edges and to make them smoother.

Step 6: Sanding

After the edges where nice and rounded I began to sand the rest of the board to make it nice and smooth and to prep it for when I used a laser engraver to engrave a image of my choice.

Step 7: Laser Engraving

I first found a black and white image of a mole holding a beaker. I then edited the photo a bit so when we enlarged the photo so that it didn't look horrible. After that I set up the image file so that it would work with the laser engraver. Once I did that I started to engrave the board which didn't take to long compared to other methods of engraving.

Step 8: All of the Mineral Oil Is Required

After it was laser engraved I put some mineral oil on the board so that people can use it cut things on it. Also oiling the board also enhances the color of the board.

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