Introduction: Bochi Coin Shuffle Mini Game

This is bochi coin shuffle a mix of bochi ball and shuffleboard that you can play with coins on a table or floor!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1 large flat surface a table or the floor 2 or as many players amount of quarters (one player equals one quarter because quarters are the coin hitters). 1 nickel, half dollar or dollar coin as the center. 5 pennies per player.

Step 2: How to Play Part 1

First you want to slide the nickel out as your center (as in bochi ball it would be the ball you throw out)

Step 3: How to Play Part 2

The main objective is to get pennies as close to the center nickel as possible and if more then one Penny is touching the nickel it is whoever has the most pennies touching the nickel. But to get them close to the center you hit the pennies with the quarter to get it close and one quarter per person to hit the pennies you get to hit 1 Pennie then the other person until you have no pennies left. How do you tell who's pennies are who? One player is heads and one tails. You can also make barriers so you can't hit the pennies past the barrier. You can also make a foul line if you would like.

Step 4: That's It!

This is really a mash up of bochi ball and shuffle boarding into a little coin mini game you can play sets games like tennis any way you like. If you get really into it you can pain the coins into colors. I hope you enjoyed my first instuctable!