Introduction: K'NEX Bolt Action Rifle

Hello and welcome once agian my fellow K'nex guncraftman's/guncraftladies!

Soo, here we are agian. after aboute two year of silence, I have returned. on request of a good friend of me, I have desided to upload this rifle I made some time ago.

But first, here's a little rundown of what this exacly is, and what you can expect of it when you made it yourself.

So, as you can read from the title, this is a bolt action k'nex made rilfe. I made this weapon whit two things in mind: simplicity and efficiency. too make a weapon with a minimal of parts, but as efficient as can get. that was my goal with this gun.

therefore, this is not a doom bringing weapon of mass destruction. just a simple, but very relayable system. ( If you know how to use it properly )

Becouse my spelling and grammaratical ( Is that even a word? well, it is now. ) skills are so bad, I like to work more with picture's then words. so expect a lot of picture gazing in this tutorial.

and, well. that was about it I think.

But there's just a little thingy I wish to addres. just like before, and as allwase, I'm afrade. do to my "not-all-wires-connected-propely-in-my-brain" dyslexia, I cannot. and, wil never. spell english words correctly.

So, if you came here to to be a paciant, respectably K'nes weapon enthusiast. go right ahead.
but if you came here to troll and be a anoyance to all that is and all that once will be, then just see yourself to the door and leaf now you still can.

Step 1: The Needs

All the required parts. you can see on the picture what you need for the rifle. but I'll typ it out here as well.

X 1 - Gray Rod
X 4 - Red Rods
X 2 - Yellow Rods
X 5 - Blue Rods (This wil be your ammo)
X 3 - Blue Connectors
X 2 - White Connectors
X 9 - Green Connectors
X 10 - Red Connectors
X 2 - Two-Way Connectors
X 26 - White Rods
X 16 - Extender Peaces
X 58 - Green Part-Connectors ( you cannot imagine how much fun I had counting all of these...)
X 12 - Black Grabbers Thingies
X 2 - Wheel Things
X 10 - Ring Parts

and rubber bands
X 4 (or more-less) -  for the ramming rod
X 1 - for the trigger
X 1 (or more) - for the stopping power

Step 2: The Butt

When I make a two handed K'nex weapon, I like to start with the butt. This is one of the most easy steps of this tutorial.

Make what you see in the picture's

Step 3: The Base (1)

following the most easy step, the hardest one.

I have split this part over the next few steps to make is easyer to understand what I'm trying to make you built.


After some fiddeling around with the drop-in mag, I discoverd a way to give the bullets less space to move while in the weapon. this help's to prevent block-up's.

however, to use this. one part just after the trigger top has to be made loos from the other part where it was ment to be connected to. this may end up on the ramming rod stopping on that gap and miss-fireing.

I did some extensive testing with this inprovement however, and never had the ramming rod shutting stuck there. so, I guss it's save. but, I won't say it's 100% relyable.

Step 4: The Base (2)

This wil soon become the trigger housing and the entry point for the ramming rod.

as allwase, the picture's say it all.

Step 5: The Base (3)

Last part of the base. this part will hold the ammo inside the rifle.

Step 6: Add Butt to Base

I cannot make this any easyer then this, just see the picture's.

Step 7: The Barrel

The front of the rifle. erm... I dunno what els to sey. just see the pic's and follow the steps.

Step 8: The Trigger

every gun has one, and we can't fall behind, now can we?

darn... I'f made the pictures so clear of what to do, I just don't know what te typ here anymore...

Step 9: The Rammig Rod

here's the part that will enable the rifle to work and fire the ammo. (exept that you'll still need the rubber bands, but i'll get to that later.)

ok, now that were here I have to tell you somthing verry inportant if you wish not to break you K'nex pieces.
But not in this very step, I'll speak of this at one of the last steps. just to warn you, read that cearfully, and your K'nex is save.

Step 10: Adding the Rubber Bands

ok, last building step before your rifle is fireing ready!

I'll explane what's going on in the first pic. take two rubber band and place one halfway over the other. then, take the end over the overlapping band and pull it under the band beneath it, into the other end of the band itself, then pull. what you see is the resould of this motion, and allows you to use two rubber band twoghther as if it were just one. repeat the same proses agian with two other rubber bands untill you have made two long rubber band out of four.

Step 11: Propper Use (loadind and Fireing)

now, your weapon is ready to be use. but how? well here's how!

first, take the five blue rods and you weapon. on top of the rifle is a gap that leads to the ramming rod. here's were you'll load you ammo in.

now that your weapon is loaded with the correct ammo. take the part of the ramming rod that stikking out to the side and pull back untill the trigger makes a upward motion. the top of the trigger peace in now bloking the ramming rod from forcing itself true the weapon, and by doing so, you weapons can now be fired by pulling the trigger.

And here's were you must be carefull. if you do not slide the part stiking out from the ramming rod back to de back of the rifle, the rubber bands that are ment to absorbe the inpact and afoid demage to your K'nex cannot do there job. so, after you've primed you rifle, slide it back untill if tuches the rifle agian. this changes the impact point from the rifle itself to the rubber bands on the ramming rod, keeping your rifle save.

Step 12: Propper Use ( Bullets Getting Stuck Inside Barrel)

Unfortunatly, it ofently occurs (If the rifle is used incorrectly) that the bullets load two at the same time, and block up the rifel's barrel. what to do to unblock it agian?

grab the rifel's barrel and make an upwarde motion. of done correctly, the black grabber piece at the end of the rifle's barrel wil let go of the barrel itself. making an open space under the barrel. doing so wil enable you to pull out and bullets that coused your rifle to block up. and so, with a clear barrel, you can fire agian.

to avoid blocking up your rifle in the first place, support the rifle with your second hand just underneath the entry point of the ammo, where the barrel starts and the ramming rod end's. doing so wil not allow encouh space to form between the bottem of the barrel and the ammo loader too let two bullets fall into the barrel at the same time.

Step 13: Your Weapon Is Done

and so, that is how you make this rifle. I hope you found this an entertaining en educational tutorial. and I wish you the best of luck with this weapon.

just one extra piece of information. if you're left handed, and want to load and fire the rifle the other way around. you can do so by simply making the blue connector's from the loader on the other side, and flipping the ramming rod's extra piece to the other side aswell.