Introduction: Boogie Man Glow in the Dark Mason Jar With Plastic Candle for Halloween Ty Tim Burton

Welcome Tim Burton fans and just Halloween 🎃 ghouls and gals! Here is a quick Boogie Man inspired mason jar to light up the night. This was my first time creating it and I'm certain you can find tweaks and tacks to make it your own glow in the night type boogie man jar. It's meant to be simple but fun to pair with other Halloween decor. I needed a UV light to shine on it to being out the glow in the dark but if you already have a blacklight it'll be neater I'm sure. Enjoy !

Step 1: Supplies

Glow in the dark paint (spray and acrylic used), scissors, potatoe sack bag or similar, plastic spiders, dollar plastic candle changes light or anything similar and dark paint, Mason jar and glue gun. Fyi glow in the dark paint at least the spray one says it is extremely flammable therefore probably stick to Led or fake candle. ;)

Step 2: Paint the Face Side of Candle

Use a dark colored paint (acrylic used) you don't need alot. I used Prussian blue and let dry in the sun for about 20-30 minutes or until dry (you only need a small amount of paint) and didn't coat it too thick as the light will shine through. To test it I dropped the fake candle inside to see the color.

Step 3: Making His Face

Draw out your best Boogie Man eyes and mouth ( I used a black marker) and cut away. Make sure it is going to fit the mason jar (hardest part) but not bad. Just trim the eyes and mouth and see how it fits in the jar.

Step 4: Glow Paint the Bag and Spiders

Sprayed outside the sack with glow in the dark spray paint. Used the acrylic paint to lightly coat the plastic ring spiders and let dry.

Step 5: Boogie Man Fitting

Fit the mason jar to match the boogie Man cut out and add spider using a yarn or string. Glue gun the bag to the jar in the right places (one. A dab behind the nose or top of eyes and below mouth to secure that bad boy.

Step 6: Shine Your UV Light

You have reached the end of the line! Shine your UV light and watch boogie Man light up on top of the inside candle glow. Hope you enjoy and make much neater than my quick project!

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