Introduction: Book Page Earrings

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Make your very own book page earrings! It is cheap and easy!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
*Book pages (I had some scraps left over from some book safes I made)
*X-acto knife, scissors, or any other cutting utensil you have that will work
*Modge Lodge or Elmer's Glue
*Earring hooks and jump rings
*A needle, awl, or something to poke a hole through the layered paper (a drill might be necessary if you make thicker earrings)

Step 2: Cut Out Your Shape

I decided to do circles, so I found a spool of wire the right size to trace and started making my circles, keeping in mind the words on the page for the top circle of each earring. I cut eleven circles for each earring.

Step 3: Glue and Sand Down Edges

Start gluing all of the circles (or whatever shape you decide to make) together, keeping them as straight as possible.

When you finish, let it dry and sand down the edges.

Poke a hole for a jump ring to fit in, then coat with more glue, making sure not to completely fill the hole with glue. I just kept the needle in the hole and used it to hold the earring up while applying the glue.

Step 4: Put Together and Wear!

I used two jump rings on each so that the earrings would face forward, and then attached the earring hooks. Easy peasy!

Wear your new earrings everywhere, and expect to hear, "You made that?!"

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