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Introduction: Book Shelf / Cabinet

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With this Book Shelf / Cabinet I was inspired to make it because of ____ You will find out what at the end.

Step 1: Tools and Material Needed

Tools Needed:

Jig saw or table saw


Drill bits

Miter saw

Tape Measure




Material Needed:

Tons of plywood

2x4x30 inch piece of wood

3 5x24 inch pieces of wood

3 5x26 inch pieces of wood

4 2x34 inch pieces of wood

Wood for the sides

Step 2: Cutting for the Bottom

Cut three 24x5 inch pieces of wood.

Step 3: Cutting for the Top

Cut three 26x5 inch pieces of wood.

Step 4: Cutting for the Side Corners

Cut three 34x2 inch pieces of wood.

Step 5: Cutting More

Cut four 2x4x15 inches long.

Step 6: Screwing the Top

Screw the Top pieces into the 2x4(Top pieces = 26x5 inch pieces).

Step 7: Screwing the Bottom

The Bottom is the same as the top just don't leave 3/4 inch of space off the end.

Step 8: Screwing in the Sides Corners

Screw the Side Corners in the 2x4(as shown in photo).

Step 9: Screwing the Top Into the Side Corners

with a little effort the Top should pop in than you can screw the Side Corners to the top.

Step 10: Making the Sides

You can use some scrap wood then screw it together with a piece of wood(Like what I did). If you do you must leave a little bit of the wood that you used to screw the side together off the end, so you can screw it to side corners at the end.

Step 11: Making the Back

Cut some plywood to fit the back of the cabinet as shown in photo.

Step 12: Making the Doors

You can cut the doors as tall as you want I did 19 3/4 x 11 3/4. Follow photo for hinges. follow photo to screw the doors in.

Step 13: Making the Shelf

Cut a piece of plywood 24 x 14 3/4 inches.

Then I used some pieces of plastic (as shown in photo) to hold the shelf up, but if you have some pieces of metal like that it wood be better to use those. Then screw it in to the side corners and the 24 x 14 3/4 inch piece of wood.

Step 14: Sanding

Sand all of the pieces.

Step 15: Screwing the Back

Screw the back in to the top, bottom, and side corners.

Step 16: Screwing the Sides

Screw the sides into the the shelf, side corners, and the bottom 2x4.

Step 17: Making the Handle for the Doors

Cut two dowels 1 inch long. Now screw it into the doors and you are done with the building. Now for the staining!

Step 18: Staining!

I Stained it with minwax honey stain.

Stain the Doors separately.

Step 19: Done!

You Are DONE!

(Look at the next step to see what inspired me.)

Step 20: This Is What Inspired Me

A doll changing table.

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