Introduction: Bookcase Cat Tower

Hey guys!

This is my first entry. My good friend recommended I upload this idea and took the photo. I originally wanted to make something for my cats play on, that wouldn't be such an eye sore/wasn't over 300 dollars.

This is a bookshelf I actually found for free on the side of the road. It's a pretty typical book case that you can find on the side of the road near a college or apartments. It had actually been painted that brown color prior to us getting it.

Really fun activity and our cats love it. I would certainly say a newbie could create this. :)

What you'll need:
*Old Book Case
*Old Rug / Carpet
*Paint - Optional
*Staple Gun
*Drill -Optional
*8-10 pieces of scrap wood strips
*Screws to attach wood (2x a piece)

Optional Hammock:
*Old Shirt
*4 Eyehooks
*Link Chain - Divided in 4 links.

Step 1: Cut Shelves

When it came to the shelves, we drew with a sharpie how wide he wanted it. You could really make any shape, as long as your cat could easily and safely get up the tower. We even thought about putting a window cut out for extra 'look out spots'.

Our squares are 8" X 11". Of course, they aren't perfect; but once again, as long as they can climb up! Once we cut out the squares, we sanded it down well.

I decided I was going to cover it with fabric, of for the most part, so it wasn't necessary for every edge, but did help!

FOR HAMMOCK - Make sure you have two shelves cut on the same side, in a row. That way it has plenty of room to hang for kitty!

*NOTE* You will need to keep a couple inches on the end side, so don't cut your cut out at the very end. The shelf still needs a lip to stay on.

Step 2: Remove Back

In this step, we take off the back to just have the shelves itself. However we did find that it will lean from side to side.

Easy fix tho! Just attached some wood -cut in strips- on the back. Than you paint color desired.

Step 3: Fabric

I originally thought I could find those square carpet rugs, you sit in kindergarten -in the dollar store, but I never found them. I also thought about scraps of carpet but I ended up going to the thrift store first. I ended up finding a huge IKEA rug the lady sold me for six dollars! It was large enough for the whole project and then some.

We measured the width of the shelves and cut the rug in strips. I attached it with a staple gun, folding the extra over the cut out and just stapling it on the underneath part. -that way the edge was wrapped in fabric. You can get really creative with it!

*NOTE* If you use a rug, like us, when cutting it, you'll realize it'll pull apart easily. I would use carpet or a tighter knot/woven rug. We had strips of canvas left over, that I cut and attached over the fraide edges- to prevent shredding-.

You can also easily pull it up and replace it, if your cat decides to attack it. Haha.

Step 4: Add Ons!

Okay so now the fun part!! :)

Hanging Toys:

I went ahead and drilled a whole threw a shelf and knotted off a hanging toy. I had extra strong and some bells, etc. you can pull the string thru it or just leave it there for them to bat at. I wish I made more of these!

For the Hammock:

I also attached 4 eye hooks from the bottom, of the top shelf. I took an extra piece of rub left over; covered it with a old shirt for softness. I than attached a piece of chain, -just puncture it thru the fabric- than to the eye hooks.

I also had some extra fabric and shreds of the rug, that I wrapped around the wood in the back. It makes fun things for them to rub on and attack. ^.^

Use imagination! Cats love everything.

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