Introduction: Bookcase/sofa Table

This is a bookcase/sofa table that I built for my Father-in-Law. He's big into art, the civil war stuff and reading so I built this so he could have a place to display all of his many collectibles.

Step 1: Legs and the Top

At this stage I have already placed the slats in a brick style pattern and screwed the top down to the 6 legs. I used 1X3's to be the base for the two tier shelving. Oh, and lots of sanding with 80 and 220 grit.

Step 2: Side Rails

1X6's were used to cover up the underside of the tables. This way the 1X2's that held the top of the legs in place are no longer exposed. Wood glue was used to adhere the 1X6's.

Step 3: Shelving

I measured each slat out to 17.5 inches and laid them straight.

Step 4: It's Built

With everything built and in Place I started the staining. This is a stain that I made and like to use. It's steel wool and apple cider vinegar.

Step 5: Staining Done

The stain is complete but has yet to fully dry.

Step 6: Paint and Stain

The bookcase is almost complete. The base is painted white and I have yet to apply the poly finish on the top.

Step 7: Fin.

This is the top with 4 coats of poly and a nice furniture wax layer. This table turned out really nice and I hope he likes it.

Step 8:

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