Introduction: Bookshelf Made From Wooden Crates

I made bookshelf for my daughter. It very simple and easy to make.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

We need:

wooden crates or boxes

saw, i used jigsaw, can be hand saw. It is not necessary, if You don't change dimension,

sand paper 80 and 120 grit,

some nails and hammer,

brush for structurnig wood, You can also use stell wool,

acrylic paint for walls and brush,

glue or nails or screws to join all crates together,

clearcoat, I used not shiny waterbased acrylic clearcoat

Step 2: Cutting and Nailing

If dimensions of the box are not correct, You must cut and again nailed for correct size. Time to pre grinding, 80 grit

Step 3: Structuring Wood and Painting

Using a special, nylon with carbide, brush, I structured wood. Next step: painting. Acrylic paint for wall gives good effect.

Step 4: Grinding, Gluing and Painting

We, using sandpaper 120, remove parts of paint. Next step, gluing all boxes together, I used polyurethane glue. For secure surfaces, we must paint all parts used clearcoat.


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