Renovated Cupboard



Introduction: Renovated Cupboard

Renovation old, wooden cupboard.

Step 1: Once Upon a Time...

I bought an old cupboard. It was dirty and had many layers of paint.I tried many methods of removing paints.

Step 2: Propane Torch

The best method in this case was to burn the propane torch. The paint becomes soft and we can scrap layers by scraper. Last one layer a had remove by belt grinder (in Poland we call it "tank").

Step 3: Wormeaters

I protect wood using special solution Hylotox. Plywood backwall was badly damaged by woodeaters, so I made new from reclaimed pallet board.

Step 4: Structuring Wood and Painting

Using drill and special plastic brush with abrasive particles I removed soften parts of wood.

Next step, I put cotton textile on sanding brick instead sandpaper.This special tools I paint only upper parts of wood. Selected colour is a grey anthracite. My idea is mixing it with whire acrylic paint but my Project manager (my wife) decided wood and grey anthracite only.

Step 5: Handle and Glass

I put new handle, cleaning glass and voila, ready to use. The effect is much better than on the pictures, I dont know why camera making dark stains, so please vote for me. New camera is a good idea. :) :) (tT shirt also will be good)

It is little part of big project called "kitchen renovation"

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