Borderlands Handsome Jack Shield Generator Prop for Cosplay




Introduction: Borderlands Handsome Jack Shield Generator Prop for Cosplay

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Welcome to my tutorial on how to make a 3D printed Handsome Jack's shield generator!

My name is Lazaro Gomez and although I am not brave enough to Cosplay, I do enjoy making props for other people to build, modify, and enjoy out on the convention floor.

Here is how I made this prop / kit.

Step 1: Step 01 : Modeling

I started modeling the piece using photo reference from the internet and 3D Builder that is native to Windows 10.

Once I was happy with the results I exported the STL file and moved on to getting the piece ready for printing.

Step 2: Step 02 : Slicing

I imported the STL file to Cura and began setting up the parameters for the slicing.

Once I was happy with that I exported the GCODE for my Anet A8 printer.

If you are not familiar with what Cura does it basically creates information that a 3D printer can understand in order to create the print.

Step 3: Step 03 : Model Prep

At this point you can sand, add material, smooth out or just simply leave the model the way it is.

Usually I take the 3D print and make a "dummy" cast and then sand and prep that to make a master mold and create a better quality piece when hired to create props.

But for this tutorial I went with the simple paint job to demonstrate how easy and fast it is to create this prop.

Step 4: Step 04 : Painting the Prop

Once the piece was printed I primed it using a rattle can and then moved on to painting with Acrylics.

At the end of this tutorial you can view my video of me painting the piece on my Livestream.

I used Waverly Acrylic paints that are available for purchase at Walmart.

Step 5: Step 05 : Finishing Touches

Once all the paint was dry and cured, I used a Sharpie marker to add the black lines and marks that give the prop it's signature " Cell Shade " look from the game.

I then used a Matte gloss rattle can to protect the paint job and the prop was complete!

Thanks for watching and following along with this tutorial.

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    2 years ago

    Brilliant model mate and even better painting. Could you share the file on or Cults please because i would love to make this for my son for when he comes to see me



    Reply 6 months ago

    Thank you kindly, I will try however the drive that kept those files is damaged.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you! Sadly I lost the file when my portable hard drive was damaged.


    3 years ago

    Good prop! I'll have to make this when my printer arrives! Also, what kind of plastic was used, basic PLA?


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you! It was really fun to make. I primarily use PLA, however I here ABS is easier to sand.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Cool! I look forward to seeing how yours turns out. Yes, PLA plastic is what I use.