Introduction: Boredom-Busting Pocket Golf

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This instructable is the perfect example of quarantine getting to you. You just start browsing instructables for something to do, and you come across this. "Welp, might as well," You say if you're still reading. Anyway, let's get to it!


What you need:

  • A small tin of some kind. I used a mint tin.
  • A soda tab
  • some clay
  • small sheets of foam
  • sharp scissors

Step 1: Step 1: Construct

If you're going to play pocket golf, you'll need a golf ball. Duh. So depending on how easy/hard you want it to be, the bigger/smaller the clay ball needs to be. I wanted to have more of a challenge, so I made it smaller.

For the club, I just cut the tab until it looked kind of like a golf club.

Step 2: Step 2: the Green and the Rough

What you use for this part is completely up to you. I used foam because I didn't have any green clay on hand. I'm only going to explain how to do it with the foam, since that's what I used. First, trace the tin onto the dark green sheets of foam and cut them out. Do the same for the light green. Next, make a shape on the light green, so that it looks like a golf course. Cut it out, and then trace it onto a dark green one. Cut the green one out so you have all 4 pieces you see in the picture above. (Use an exacto knife or scissors to make a hole.)

Step 3: Step 3: HOT GLUE™

Now just hot glue all of the foam together, bake the clay, and PLAY. THE. GAME.

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