Introduction: Bottle 1900 Puzzle

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I made some puzzle as a display stand for my collectible coke bottles. This is my weekend project for my third bottle. This is a simple puzzle. But I have a four bottle set and I make that puzzles as a decorative display stand for them.

There are a base and a cap piece. The cap piece is fixed to the base with white ropes. The aim of the puzzle is to take apart the bottle by removing the rod from inside of it.

The puzzle is a well known disentanglement puzzle. I adapted it to the bottle cap. Simple but different from commercially sold bottle puzzles.

The external dimensions are about100x100x220 mm.

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Step 1: Materials and Craft Tips 1

Base wood                      120 x 120 x 18 mm          1 pcs
Cage rod short                  20 x 20 x 50   mm          2 pcs
Cage rod long                   20 x 20 x 80   mm          2 pcs
Wooden dowel                  D6 x 12   mm                 4 pcs

Cap piece                          60 x 30 x 15 mm                 1 pcs
Lock rod                             D16 x 140 mm                    1 pcs
Lock rod end                     20 x 20 x 25 mm                 1 pcs
Wooden bead                   Diameter 18 or 20 mm       2 pcs
Wooden dowel                  D6 x 12 mm                         1 pcs

And a little rope in two different thickness.


This document is a rough guide. Most of the 250 ml small coke bottles have similar dimensions but  your bottle dimensions may be different. This is an easy project. You can make your project according to your bottle.


It's better to start by making the bottle base cage pieces. The base cage is made of five pieces as you can see on the photo. First start by making the base wood. I made the base wood from a 120 mm wooden circle. The wood thickness is 18 mm. I cut it from a 120x120x18 mm square piece with a scroll saw. For making this piece you can use the base drawing in drawings page as a template. If you need you can scale it. Or you can make your own shape.

The four wooden rods are made from a 20x20 mm square wooden stock. For obtaining a decorative end shape, I made three cut. First make two 45° cut from center. After turn your stock 90° and make another 45°cut

Drill holes to two long rod same diameter with your rope. If you can find a 4 mm rope may be a good choice. The position of the holes isn't critical. But make two pieces same and locate the hole at the center of the rode width.

For this operation my favorite tool is hand mitre saw. But you can find your own solutions.

Step 2: Materials and Craft Tips 2


Draw holes on cap piece with a circle template and cut with a scroll saw. (or fret saw, coping saw etc.). Drill (or cut) the center hole about 16.5 mm for a 16 mm lock rod.

Lock rod end is fixed to lock rod with 6 mm standard wooden dowel.

Step 3: Rope Arrangements

The white ropes aren't related with solution.

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