Introduction: Bottle Cap Keyfob

There's a lot of ways of getting benefits from drinking. The best way is to stop drinking. I'm not the one who'll show you how, but I'm the one who will show you how to make a simple keyfob out of a used bottle caps (which is "fun and crafty" way). So, if you're ok with my philosophy let's begin.

Step 1:

Grab a couple of nice caps from your collection and shape them into slightly domed... shape. I'm using a spherical metal mandrel and a hammer.

Step 2:

Cut a narrow srtrip of electrical tape (stretchy and pliable one) and wrap it arond the edges of the caps a couple times to bind them together. This also will prevent the thread being cutted by the edges and make the further work easier. If the tape is too wide and threatening to be visible in the final product, trim it with a hobby or other sharp knife (it is easier than appliyng a narower strip).

Step 3:

Cut a ~12mm wide and ~14cm long srtrip of leather (mine was a pretty pliable, stretchy, ~1,5mm thick leather used in furniture making).

Step 4:

Wrap the strip arond the detail to get more precise measuring and don't forget to add ~15mm to each end to create a tab.

Step 5:

Mark two rows of holes approx 1-2mm (depending on leather you using) aside from the centre line. The lenght of the rows is equal to the circumference of the two-caps detail. Make some really blurry photo and poke the holes with something suitable.

Step 6:

Round the ends of the strip and ponch the holes for installing the eyelets.

Step 7:

Fold the strip and sew two sides together with the saddle stitch.

Step 8:

Wrap the leather detail around the cap sandwich and be creative with installing the eyelet if you don't have a special tool for this.

It may be easier to install the eyelet first and then pull the detail onto the caps.

Step 9:

If yoooooooooou're ok wiiiiiiiiiiiiiith the result at this point, add a clasp or a chaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin to your keyfob and and concider it done. Mine thoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooough was a bit loose so I addeeeeeed soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomeeeeeeeeeeee ssssssssuuuuuuupppper gluuuuuue uuunder theeee edgeeeeeeeee of the leatheeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr wraaaaap (I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate thiis stuuuufff).

If you're using vege tanned leather try to put the whole thing into boiling water for a while and then dry it to set the leather making it retain its shape.

Step 10:

So, now, when I've shown you my ways, you're self become a master of alcocrafrtiness and even have a nice keyfob to prove it to everybody who doubts in it. Thank you for your attention and have a nice time peeling that super glue from your fingers for the rest of eternity... or untill the surface layer of epidermis on your hands will regrow, which tooks approximately 7 days, and apparently means that there's not that much of eternity we have left, so it's a good reason to have some beer.