Introduction: Bottle Cap Quidditch

Feel the air, fly with your broomstick, dive for the ball. Did you ever think about playing quidditch while you were reading Harry Potter? Can you imagine that there's a game which is as fun as quidditch? You will feel the same joy of playing the actual quidditch by playing Bottle Cap Quidditch. In this instructable, I'll teach you how to play Bottle Cap Quidditch. It would be really great to learn it, because it's the best indoor game I ever played.

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You'll need a plastic bottle cap and some sheets of paper.

Step 1: How to Make Your Bottle Cap Fly

You'll probably need to know the way of proper shooting, if you want to shoot well. Your shooting and passing is exactly same. First, put your bottle cap between your thumb and middle finger. Second, flick the bottle cap with your middle finger. You might want to shoot it with your arm moving, for a strong and accurate shot. It'll take some practice for you to shoot it well. It would be easier to learn it with the video.

Step 2: Making a Goal Post

You need to make three ring-shaped goal posts for each team. This is how you make them. Cut the sheet of paper into three pieces. Three pieces should look alike. Then, tape the edges of a piece of paper. Lastly, do the same thing to the other two pieces. Your ring-shaped goal post should look like the picture.

Step 3: How Many People Are Needed

There are two teams in this game, and you need at least two players on a team. There is no limit on the number of players as long as you have enough space. If you want the game to be fair, it would be nice to play with a referee.

Step 4: Passing the Bottle Cap

Because you can't fly like in the actual quidditch, you're not allowed to move your feet while you have the bottle cap. The only way for you to get close to the goal post is to pass the cap. You're not allowed to touch your opponents, because they should be able to get the pass or to pass the cap.

Step 5: How to Win

There are three ways to win the game. Normal Win, Golden Snitch, and Red Card are the ways your team can win the game.

Normal Win is quite simple. You can think of it as scoring in soccer or basketball. Each shot your team makes is worth 10 points. If your team has 70 points, you win the game. This is probably the most common way to win the game.

Golden Snitch is quite different from the real quidditch, but it has the same idea of catching a small, flying thing. If your team intercepts the cap three times while your opponents are passing, you win the game.

Red Card is something that hopefully should never happen in the game. If your opponents get five warnings, you win the game.

Step 6: Warning

A warning is what you get when you don't follow the rule. You can get a warning when you move your feet while you have the cap, or when you touch your opponent. It might even lead your team to lose the game, so you should be careful while you're playing the game.

Step 7: Conclusion

This game is what I used to play with my friends back in my hometown. I think it would be great to learn it, because it's the best indoor game I ever played. Also, it would be good to use a Gatorade bottle cap unless you are an elementary student. I recommend elementary students and people with small hands to use a small bottle cap.

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