Introduction: Bottle Incense Burner

Turn any decorative (i use wine bottles) bottle into an ashless incense burner. With less than seven dollars worth of diamond chip dremel bits, you can drill a hole to allow airflow in a nice bottle without shattering the glass.

Wear a dust mask, cause' glass powder isn't good for the lungs. Eye protection is always a good shot too!

Step 1: Pick a Bottle

Pick a bottle that you would deem fit for an incense burner. Get a Dremel tool (if you don't already have one) and a cheap box of diamond chip bits from a flea market or some cheapo store.
Check this size bit. I choose this shape to go in at a slight angle so it is more like you are digging out the glass
rather than wildly spinning through it like on a drill press or the like.

Step 2: Start to Drill, Baby!

Tape off the area of the bottle where you would like the hole to be with painters tape or packing tape (clear is better!) .(plan on opening the whole to about the size of a dime, to allow for a decent airflow)
Begin drilling at an angle.

Step 3: Continue With a Finer Point Bit to Penetrate the Bottle.

Go to the deepest part of the gouge you made with a very thin bit. Eventually opening a very small hole that you will round out slowly, so you don't bust the bottle or cause spiderweb cracks from the hole....

Step 4: Round Out the Hole to Dime Size.

Just keep on slowly working it with the dremel on high speed and don't take too much at once. Keep moving the bit so the glass won't get too hot in one area.... you get the point.

Step 5: Get Your Incense Ready!!!!

I use a pair of alligator clips with a weight on the end of the line to hold the incense, then insert into bottle and
let weighted part dangle on the outside of the bottle (it is generally good to make the weight out of something larger than the bottle opening. (so your whole deal won't fall into the bottle)