Introduction: Bow Tie

bow ties are one of the accessories that are needed by the people in this world. no matter men or women, formal or informal, the bow tie is always a good thing to make our outfit better. today I will show you how to make and tie a bow tie.

Step 1: Pattern

you can find any pattern on the internet and cut them into four pieces. if you have interfacing, you can apply two interfacings to the bow tie pieces.

Step 2: Sewing Together

then let the right side facing each other, and sew each of the four pieces together.

Step 3: Iron

after sewing them together, use the iron to iron the pieces to make them flat.

Step 4: Sew Into Long Pieces

then, you need to put four pieces that you just iron together as a pair, also right side to right side, sewing them in to two same long pieces.

Step 5: Sewing the Edge and Flip

after that, put two pieces right side together, and at the edge sewing them together but left a hole at the backside so you can flip it. then from that hole, flip the right side to let them become outside.

Step 6: Closing

then final step, iron the whole bow tie, and for the hole, sewing it at the edge to make it closed.

Step 7: Final

at last, we finished a bow tie.

Step 8: How to Tie a Bow Tie

for the instruction of tieing a bow tie, I find this useful picture from the Brooks Brothers.

first, you need to hang the bow tie flat around your neck, after that make one side slightly longer than another. Then brings the long side across to the short side and make sure they are close to your neck, so it won’t be too loose. Bring the long side up behind the short side and forming a simple and loose knot. For the short side to get the bow look, fold it half of the oval shape to make a bow like another shape, and the fold should be directly between the collar points. Drape long side over the front of the short side. Fold the long side and pass it through the loop behind short side. Continue pulling long side to the loop, slowly until it becomes tight.

at last hope you like the instruction I find and know how to tie a bow tie.