Introduction: Box Instructables

About: I am a Studen in the Ann Richards School and I am in the engineering pathway. I like to dance and I'm on the school dance team too and I also play soccer out of school.

I am making a box for my engineering class and this box will stay in my teacher's classroom so that he can put in some hot glue guns.

We will be needing:



A laser cutter

Wood glue

Sand paper

A can of red spray paint

Step 1:

I designed a box in boxdesigner and uploaded it to my flash drive.

Step 2:

In adobe illustrator, I turned my box designed from a pdf to a ai (adobe illustartor) format.

Step 3:

I went to laser cut my box in the MakerSpace at school.

I inserted my flash drive into the computer in the MakerSpace.

I planned my layout and saved it on to the laser cutter.

I put in a piece of wood into the laser cutter.

I turned on the machine and found my file and pressed Start.

I waited until all the sides where lasered cut and turned off the laser cutting machine and got my piece of wood out to start structuring it.

Step 4:

I glued all my sides together and waited until all my sides were fully dry.

Then I sanded my box in order to make it more smooth.

Step 5:

I spray painted the inside and outside of my box in order to finish it off.