Introduction: Box Organizer

The following is a step-by-step instructable that will help you construct a box to organize note cards and sticky notes.

Step 1: Box Designer

The first step you will have to do is go online and look up Box Designer. Depending on how thick you want your wood, you will have to measure its thickness with a caliper. You will put in the following measurements located on the images onto the page. There will be two different boxes that you will later glue on together. After putting in the information, click on the DESIGN IT button. It will download onto your device. Now, on to the next step.

Step 2: Gravit

Now, you will convert the pdfs into an svg. A website that is really useful is called Gravit. You will have to make an account on gravit first to access the editing tools and later save them to your cloud. No changes are needed to be made on your boxes, so just save them. Using a USB drive, download the files onto it.

Step 3: Illustrator

After you've downloaded your files from Gravit onto your USB drive, you will now use a program called Illustrator to convert your svg files into ais. You WILL have to download the program onto your computer device, so make sure to do that first. Make sure your USB drive is still plugged in. After downloading the app, open it up and start converting your svgs. Once they are saved as ais in you USB drive, safely unplug it. Now on to the next step. Laser cutting!

Step 4: Laser Cutter

On a computer that connects to a laser cutter, plug in your USB drive. Ask an adult to help you laser cut. Make sure you have a big enough piece of wood that will cut all your pieces. After they are all cut, it's time to glue!

Step 5: Gluing and Sanding

To glue your pieces together, you will have use wood glue. Glue all the sides together and leave the top open. Use tape to make them tighter. The drying will take a whole day. When your boxes are done drying, its time to sand the sides. Make sure to sand the sides very smoothly and that there aren't any bumps left. After they're sanded from all around, glue the two boxes together and let them dry for a whole day.

Step 6: Spray Painting

Now to the fun part! When spray painting, you want make sure there's an adult present with you and you're wearing gloves so you wont get your hands dirty. When spray painting, make sure you are about a foot away from your box and you're painting in a place that was aloud to you. Just pray paint the outside of the box carefully without wasting much of the paint. After you're done, let it dry outside for 24 hours and you're done.