Introduction: Box for Learning English Words

A simple box for a simple word memorization technique.

Step 1: Create a Cube

Create a cube with the specified values.And give it shape using scale

Step 2: Delete Face

Use face selection, select face and use Split.
Delete face.

Step 3: Create a Copy

Create a copy, use Ctrl-C. Select face and delete it.

Step 4: Add Thickness

Create a copy mesh_35. Set objects as on a slide and use Add Thickness to all objects

Step 5: Create Cylinder

Use Move Rotate to place a cylinder

Use Scale with value symmetry and Set the form

Step 6: Stitch and Scoop

Select all objects and use Stitch and Scoop, set the value as on the slide

Step 7: 3D Sketch

Use 3D Sketch, choose Text Sketch. Enter a number and draw
To create a separate drawing select Create new profile and add it.
Draw three numbers

Step 8: Fill Polygons

Select profile and use Fill Polygons.
To place it on the side of the box and hide profile.

Step 9: Add Thickness

Use Add Thickness with value 3 to all numbers

Step 10: Delete Profile

Select profiles and delete it

Step 11: