New Year's Glasses

Introduction: New Year's Glasses

Simple modeling christmas glasses with SelfCAD

Step 1: Frame

Slide 1 .Use Drowing - Free Hand - Donut , create a circle like in the picture
Slide 2 . Use Circle - value erase , create a larger hole

Slide 3. Use Scale - set the value as on a slide

Step 2: Copy

Create the copy . Use Guides, measure 16mm and screw Frame

Step 3: Finish the Frame

Slide 1 Use Drowing - Free Hand - Text indicate the number and draw it

Slide 2 set objects as on a slide

Slide 3 Use Drowing - Free Hand - Text indicate theexclamation markand draw it

Slide 4 and 5 set objects as on slides

Step 4: We Complete the Creation of the Frame

Slide 1 Select all objects, use Stitch & Scoop - Union

Slide 2 Select object, use Magic Fix - Tolerance 214

Slide 3 Expand the object as on a slide, hide the object

Step 5: Glasses Temples

Slide 1 and 2 Use Reference image , choose a picture

Slide 3 Use Drawing - Free Hand set the value as on a slide and draw

Step 6: Glasses Temples

Slide 1 nad 2 Use Scale 2 times , Set the value as on a slide

Slide 3 Use Snap to put the glasses temples

Slide 4 Activate Magnet and choose a place

Slide 5 correct using a tool Move

Step 7: Create a Connection

Slide 1 Create Cube , set the value as on a slide
Side 2 Use Scale and Move to to achieve the result as on a slide (view mode Mesh + Wireframe )

Step 8: Mount

Slide 1 Select a frame use Magic Fix

Slide 2 Select frame and connector - use Stitch & Scoop use value as on a slide

Slide 3 you should get a small hole

Slide 4 Select frame and connector - useStitch & Scoop - Union

Slide 5 Result

Step 9: Make a Logo

Slide 1 Use Drowing Free - Hand - Text , draw text

Slide 2 set the object as on the picture using Move and Rotate. Use Stitch & Scoop - set the settings as on the slide

Slide 3 result

Slide 4 do the same with the second glasse temple

Step 10: Magic Fix

Slide 1 Select glasse temple and use Magic Fix
slide 2 result

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