Introduction: Bracelets DIY

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I've made 2 own bracelets, one is made with yarn/ribbon and beads and one is made from some of my old jewelry


- Ribbon
- Beads
- Scissor
- Pliers
(- Old jewelry)

Step 1: Bracelet #1 (Yarn/ribbon and Beads)

This bracelet is made with yarn/ribbon and some white beads

Braided the yarn/ribbon > Made one piece with the white beads > Making all together

* Picture shows how I did do it!

Step 2: Bracelet #2 (Old Iron Jewelry)

TIP: If you have any jewelry that is broke, old or just jewelry you don't use or wearing anymore, then reuse these to new one! Especially when you like to made your own jewelry!

So my second bracelet I've simply made with some of my older jewelry, parts which where not broken and where still good enough for this I've used for making this (:
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