Introduction: DIY: Pencil Sharpener & Eraser

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I've make from an single simple pencil sharpener a new one & from an old eraser I have make also a newer one!

Step 1: How and What to Make?

What you do needed is an empty Tic-Tac box (so whenever you have Tic-Tac's don't throw away the box) and a single pencil sharpener, these two things you can fit together pretty easily, when you have fit these together you can pimp this however you like! (I did used special decoration tape and I made from little pieces eraser also a cute cat head on it)

The eraser I had cut a little off, the older parts I've cut, the leopardprint part around the eraser I did draw and painted by my self and make from that an self made sticker, here's a short explanation for how to make your own sticker in small steps > 1: Draw an design 2: Coloring 3: Cut out your design 4: Take a piece of bake paper and put there an stroke of trans parented tape 5: Then above that putting your design 6: Now again an stroke of transparent tape above that and as last step, cut out again everything and voila! It's really very easy to make!