Introduction: DIY Cat Toy (Pom Pom)

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Not always need buying new cat toys because you can easily make your own!


- Crochet wool
(1x thicker/1x thinner)
- Scissor
- Glue
- Craft eyes

Step 1: Steps

First thing I did was making the tail part (see picture 1) Making a tail however you want.

Second step is making some pieces from the thicker wool, all in the same length.

If you're done with that, before you binding it all together, don't forget to put the tail somewhere between of the pieces wool (see picture 2 and 3)

When you have done that, you can start to binding it all tight together as one part.

I use a scissor for cutting off some longer pieces wool, for making it look better as a little cute fluffy bol.

Last step is glue the eyes.

And that's it, done! Now you can make your cat happy with a new toy!