Braided Pizza Calzone




Introduction: Braided Pizza Calzone

I love making pizzas and this time I am going to try my hands on a famous Italian street food called Calzone. Well, calzone is a pizza folded into half, crescent in shape, and is found all over Italy! Its easy to walk with a calzone with filling not falling out of it than to walk around with a slice of pizza!

Step 1: ​Ingredients



pizza dough,, recipe already shared at

oregano- 1/2 tsp

all-purose flour- to help rolling the dough


spinach- a handful

pizza sauce(store bought or hand made)- 1/4 cup

cheese- 1 cup

corn- 3/4 cup

red bell pepper- 1

jalapenos olives parsely little sprinkle of salt, chilli flakes and oregano.




Step 2: Prep and Assembly..(Braided Calzone)!

we need pizza dough, rest it for few hours, punch it back and now I am going to add oregano and mix it in the dough(slightly knead it). I divided the dough in 2 portions, one big and braided and another smaller/ regular one(say 70:30)or you can make a single big calzone!

Take a silicone sheet/ foil paper, dust it with some all-purose flour and very slowly roll it in a rectangular or oval shape!(I forgot to roll it over a silpat/ foil paper so had to transfer the ready-to-bake calzone onto one, and trust me it was a tedious task!)

Filling which we are using is basically that of a pizza! we can make calzone by whatever filling we want so assemble it by adding little spinach all over. reason I do this is that, when we cook it, the cheese kind of stays contained inside the leaves of the spinach and does not spill out! Spread pizza sauce and add cheese! Then add other veggies of your choice, and as much as you like,, I added corn, red bell pepper, jalapenos, olives, parsely, little sprinkle of salt, chilli flakes and oregano. then cut pizza dough into little stripes on both the sides, slightly inclined downwards using a pizza cutter!

Now its very simple, fold the top flap in (see pic), take both the ends, fold inwards then fold another end over it, and continue doing this till you finish with all the stripes that you have! you can apply some water to stick the overlapping portion of stripes(optional)! Once its done, brush it with some milk and bake it in a pre-heated oven at 200 c for 20 mins or till done! After its done, just brush it with some butter for glaze and lovely aroma!

Step 3: Regular Calzone!

I also prepared a small regular calzone, for which I simply rolled the smaller dough and stuffed it in similar manner to that of a braided one, sealed edges using pressing the ends and securing using fork and pricked the top to let air escape! And it came out fantastic as well!

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    7 years ago

    That's a very Mexican calzone! In Rhode Island we have something similar called a spinach pie. Essentially a calzone stuffed with spinach, pepperoni, mozzerella, black olives.