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This is a fun artsy project you can make with your friends and mount it as a wall decoration once it's finished. It is very relaxed and it allows you to have a lot of choice freedom with photography and decorating style. You can get very creative and make it unique in its own way to display your inner photographer and artist as well as social media theme.

Step 1: Take Pictures!!!

First step:

Go out with your camera/phone and take an average of 18-20 pictures of any theme your choice (I chose trees) to create a collage of pictures that you would like to display. Feel free to draw some sketches too if you are more of an artist but either way make sure you have a theme you like to use for this project.

Example themes you can use: Nature, clouds, street signs, sunsets/rises, water, buildings, friends, pets, family, etc.

Tips to taking unique pictures: Look at your object from a different angle to see different characteristics and features, focus on the center and let the rest fade out, change lighting direction and take from a new perspective, take the picture from ground level looking up, zoom up on specific features with detail, don't take everything from the center make the object on a side etc. get very creative with it!

Step 2: Upload and Print Your Photos

Step 2:

Once you've taken enough pictures for your collage, print out your photos in any filter you feel matches your theme (I chose black and white). One easy way to get a hard copy of your pictures are using an App called Free Prints where you can easily upload and print your photos off your phone or camera in minutes (for shipping it can take up to a few days but it all depends on your location). Of coarse you can also print your picture on a regular printer or go to your local Walgreen's to get them custom cut and printed and its all up to you! When printing your photos I recommend to choose a variety of different sizes so it looks more unique when you put it on your collage.

If you made drawings for your collage make sure you laminate your pictures so they don't get ruined in the process of making the project or rip.

How to upload photos:



Step 3: Supplies

Step 3:

Collect all the supplies needed to complete this branch string picture collage. You'll need a ruler or tape measure, a pair of scissors, some yarn of any color to match your theme, some heavy duty glue, a way to spread your glue preferably a skewer, a camera, and last but not least a tree branch. To find a tree branch you can go out and find a smooth curved branch with a width of about 1 inch and a length of approximately 1 yard.

Optional: Peel away the bark and glaze it to maintain its color and make it smooth. Also feel free to sandpaper the ends if you want a nice outcome.

Step 4: Cut and Tie Yarn to the Branch

Step 4:

Cut 6 pieces of yarn around 1 foot in length but don't make them perfectly equal so it gives the final product a more rigid and atheistic look.

Next measure out 6 inches from each end and use a simple overhand knot to tie the yarn down. (I used an overhand knot so it looks very rugged and it could settle my look but any not will do if you want it to look nicer.)

After you have done that, fill in the middle gap with the rest of your yarn and space the pieces 4 inches apart before tying them down.

Now after you have successfully got the yarn in place for extra security use any heavy duty glue to glue the back of the yarn to the front of the branch. A quick tip to help get the glue where needed, use a skewer to maneuver its way under the yarn and on the wood for a cleaner outcome.

Step 5: Preview Your Final Product and Glue It

Step 5:

Once you have gotten this step you can place your photos down on the strings in any order to have a preview of how you would like to finish the branch collage.

Feel free to rearrange it if your pictures don't fit my dimensions but I patterned mine so that all my different sized pictures are mixed around and every hanging string will have about 3-4 pictures about 2 inches apart on it. (To make it a fun collage you can have some pictures tilted and or have the edges hanging on instead of the middle.)

After you have figured out way you want your pictures ordered add a drop of heavy duty glue to the selected part of your picture and stick it to the selected part of your hanging string. (I recommend you leave this one the ground and let the glue air dry before you pick it up and try to hang it or do anything else)

Once all of your pictures are glued in your favor and your pictures are dry feel free to pick it up and find it a nice hanging place on a wall, window, door, etc. (get creative with it)

Step 6: Hanging Options

Step 6:

I have a variety of options you can use to hang the Branch Picture Collage up:

1. Use a drill and drill a hole through the ends of the branch to nail it to your wall. (when drilling the hole go slow to not split the wood)

2. Tie some string on the ends and hang it from the wall with a center nail or pin.

3. This is the extension of number 2 but I a good 2 inches thick of yarn around the ends of the branch and hung it from the center pin.

4. Cradle the ends between 2 shelves and have it balance. (not very effective, but hey give it a try)

Get as creative as you want with hanging it up and have a fun time doing it but make sure it looks good!

Step 7: Decorate and Customize Your Branch's Surroundings

This is totally optional but if you want your final product to look outstanding you can add stickers around it, use Christmas lights to hang around it, you can spray paint the background, glue glitter on the branch, wrap glow sticks on your pictures to create a little frame, you have unlimited options to make your final product stand out and wow your family, friends, and other people. Also I have noticed that my strings were a little long on the bottom after I glued my pictures so what I did was tie little knots at the bottom so the string looked a little cooler than just left hanging down. I can't stress this enough, but make it unique in your own way, that's what's going to give your Branch Picture Collage a fun artsy Tumblr look in the end.

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