Introduction: Cool Metal Inlays. Brass and Aluminum Inlay. New Inlay Techniques.

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This project presents the technique of making metal inserts in wood. Metal insertion is a rather difficult process, which is why it takes a lot of time and skill to perform such a work. This work has been carried out over 35 days and I am very happy to share this project with you.Thank you!

You can watch the whole process here:


To perform such a work you need the following materials:

-Dremel tool kit

-small hammer and gripping tools

-carving tools

-table top made of beech wood 150X81X3 cm

-carved wood furniture accesories

-about 40 meters of brass bars

-about 20 meters of aluminum bars

-44 decorative copper pins

-walnut colour wood stain

-natural wood wax

-lint-free cloths

-painting brush

-polishing abrasive paper 150, 220 and 1000

-lot of time and patience :-))

Step 1: Planning the New Project...

We need a large wood table top (150X81X3 cm) and start drawing the design. In my case, i have choose to draw some celtic theme designs. With the help of a milling machine we start to make a 2 mm channel following the outline of the drawing.

Step 2: Starting the Work...

We begin to prepare tools and materials for this work. The aluminum and brass bars will be positioned in the 2 mm channel with the help of a small hammer and some grip tools, using lipstick and a mini cutting disc.

After that, we glued the carved wooden accessories and then cleaned the surface of the excess glue and wood chips.

Step 3: We Grind the Metal Parts and Polish the Wood Well.

Here we have to use a grinder machine and then we polish the wood manuallly using abrasive polish paper starting with 150- 220 and 1000 granulation.

Step 4: We Apply the Wood Stain.

We apply two layers of walnut colour wood stain using a painting brush and we let it dry for 14 hours.

Step 5: We Apply the Linseed Wood Oil.

We apply the linseed wood oil using a paint brush and we clean the oil excess using a lint-free cloth.

Step 6: We Apply the Wood Wax.

First, we apply one layer of natural wood wax using a lint-free cloth and let iti dry for 24 hours.

After 24 hours we apply the second layer of wood wax using the same technique.

Attention! We must apply the wood wax in small amounts and polishing it very well using lint-free cloths.

Step 7: Final Finishes.

Using a small hamer, a marker and a tape line we mesure and fix some decorative copper pins for a better looking effect.The distance between the copper pins is 10 cm.

As you see, the final result it's outstanting. Thank you so much for watching.