Introduction: European Shield. Dacian Shield.How to Make a Wooden Shield Easily?

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Oval shield made of solid wood, one layer, with Dacian symbols.

Dimensions: 100cm high, 50cm wide, 2.5cm thick, 5kg weight. Decorated with deer leather sewn with cotton cord, metallic shield boss and metal plate on the edges. Handle wrapped in deer leather and forearm strap. All handmade. Ideal for decorations, sidewalks, cellars, photo shoots, medieval parades, etc.


Materials- timber, deer leather, cotton rope, paints, metal plate, stainless steel bowl, metal nails, decorative pins, wood glue, wood primer, dye for leather, abrasive paper, paint sponge roller and a strap.

Tools- jig saw, hammer, ruler, pencil, drilling machine, Dremel kit, pencils, brushes, carving tools, gripping tools.

Step 1: Preparing the Wooden Base.

Here is the part where we cut the wood boards, glue the boards, give the oval shape of the shield, mount the wooden handle and apply a coat of primer for wood that helps to protect the wood and for impregnation.

Step 2: We Apply the Deer Leather on the Edges of the Shield.

Here is the part where we draw the edges of the shield where the deer skins will be applied. We prepare the deer skins to be painted with a dark brown leather paint and then apply them on the shield with the help of a glue. Excess skin is then cut using a precise and sharp blade.

Step 3: We Draw the Shield With Dacian Symbols and Handpaint the Shiled.

We choose a shield model and draw the outline with geometric shapes and Dacian symbols. Afterwards, with the help of brushes we manually paint the shield and let it dry for a day.

Step 4: Preparing the Sewing Holes and Sewing the Deer Leather With Cotton Thread.

In this stage we make sure that we align the holes symmetrically on the edges of the shield. With the help of a cardboard we can draw some guide pits then sting the deer skin with the help of a nail. After that, with a drill machine we make the holes in the wood carefully and then sew the cotton thread.

Step 5: Making the Shield Boss.

To make the shield boss easy we need a stainless steel bowl and a lid to cover the hole of the kitchen hood. We cut the kitchen hood lid and then fix it on the stainless steel bowl. Then with the help of a cardboard, we point the signs for the holes. With a drill machine we make the holes symmetrically. We paint the bowl with bronze and green on the edges and then with some decorative nails we fix the shield boss.

Step 6: We Fix the Metal Plate on the Edges of the Shield and We Wrapped the Shield Handle.

Here is the part where we reinforce the edge of the shield with a metal plate. With a small hammer we give it a curved shape then we make symmetrical holes with drill a machine. After that, we fix the metal plate with wide nails around the shield. The handle of the shield is wrapped in deer skin fixed with some decorative nails. At the end we mount the forearm strap using a strong strap.