Introduction: Break Barrel Air Rifle Into Bullpup Form

Well, I bought a Gamo Black Fusion IGT Mach 1 break barrel air rifle. It is a strong and reliable rifle for pest control. And after few month i found that the rifle is to long to be carried through woods. Shorter versions are very intriguing, so called "bull-pup" models. Well, expensive.
And I start to make some tests. First, could I have "electronic" trigger instead manual?
I purchase a E-bay solenoid 12V-10mm movement and about 13 Ohms. He work perfectly solo, but contact on/of 12V battery was very slow and week. Did not move the rifle trigger.

Next solution trigger solenoid was use of small flash from disposable cameras. So I connect in a serial circle capacitor(+) - flash bulb - solenoid- capacitor(-), mounted on rifle trigger and tested. I got a flash light and solenoid movement in a milliseconds, - air rifle fire accordingly.100% success.

Trigger problem solved and it open next step -forming and build up a bull-pup stock.

Step 1: Bull Pup Wood Stock Carving

From my friend I got a 14 year old walnut board 2"thick, air dray. Air rifle is in symmetrical form but stock must be out this symmetry, to allow loading air rifle. General idea was as presented in a drawing.
Stock has to be made out from two sides, connected with screws on air rifle and pressed to each other,

Step 2: Hand Carving Walnut

After I cut out from board two pc-s, I start to practice old fashion hand carving wood. Recall practices from school days and accumulated knowledge, modified with new methods, carving was really enjoyable time for me. And hours, days, and step by step. Here, in this process, mistakes and rush are not allowed.

Step 3: Speed Is the Cause of All the Nuisances.

And hand work is still in progress. After finished right side, start to carve left side of stock. I am right-handed. Boards are to dick so a took of about 15 mm form each side. This 2" thicknesses was necessary to provide enough material on right side for handle, which was situated right of symmetry to provide space for braking barrel and loading rifle. Handle was reinforced with few 6 mm beech sticks to avoid evt. breaking.
I took out two main shafts from riffle and drill both sides hole to cut the thread 4mm. This was to hold two sides and barrel-rifle together. Plan was to do this with 3 screws.
Space for electronic was carved on the end after I collect all parts which shell be inserted in the stock.

Step 4: Electronic Trigger

Ergo, all was made to be assembled and tested as well.
I engrave Croatian interlace or Croatian wattle, known as the "pleter" or "troplet" in Croatian, on my stock and my initials as well. With hot glue - electronics is inserted. I choose dark cherry for finish (name "Chromoden" here for flooring), extra surface durable glossy finish.

Between each side is a insulation tape 5mm for windows, to fulfill space, mimize movements and absorb a part of shoot vibration/noise.
Two AA cells provide fast recycle time. Capacitor is from flash, 300V 240mF , recycle time is about 5 seconds. Patient, - one shoot, -one life.

Recoil a rifle is now about 25% heavier, because levels are shorter. Improvement in accuracy -electronic trigger- is 30% better than before. Switch is very soft and need almost no pressure and finger squeeze.
And so on,so on.,,

Sincerelly yours,

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