Introduction: Make Motorized Scissors, Introduction.

As I am involved in the collection of medicinal mushrooms, the problem of their mechanical processing into powder for tea preparation has arisen. The process is several steps - collection - cleaning - drying - shredding - storing. After cleaning it is the turn of drying that is most effective when smaller pieces are dried. If the mushroom is fresh, then it is easier to cut it with a knife and put it to dry. As mushrooms are different, each has its own path to processing, Trametes versicolor is a small, tough mushroom, which, when aged or already dried, is very difficult to chop, which is usually done with scissors, as a first step in the sifting process. Scissors can make calluses -blisters- on the fingers as well as sore fingers, and the work itself is very slow.

So, I tried to get rid of that part of mushroom processing, as follows.

Step 1: Start - Collect All Parts for This Putpose

At the flea market, I ran into serrated scissors - and felt it was the right thing to chop the mushroom. They give a larger surface for good drying. I used to have a 12V motor for wiping the car glass, so all I had to do was bend the bracket, drill the holes for the screws, turn the wheel, add the excentric bearing which had a step sufficient to close and open the scissors. I welded two square rods to the shear grip to guide the bearing. Assembling everything together. From world market - E-bay !- I purchase an AC DC 220V 12V 30A converter, in serie insert rotation speed controller, - and tried it - see video clip.

Step 2: Final Touch

As you can see from the pictures, everything is technically clear. I add a small fence guard for fingers. Caution! The small machine runs quietly, cutting the Trametes versicolor mushroom into smaller pieces quickly and effortlessly, regardles of wet or dry state. As the purpose of this is very specific, all other options are open as well as improvements and modifications and of course - new uses.

Sincerely yours...

See video clip....

NOTE: At least - it is a dangerous cutter.

Use all shields and protection stuff !!