Introduction: KP Angle Grinder

In order to get ground mushrooms suitable for brewing tea, it is necessary for me, to grind the dried mushrooms. In conventional coffee grinders this goes well but slowly, because they are capacitively small. The bigger ones are expensive. So, I reached into an ordinary can with a suitable size cover, which I found at my usual source of materials - a flea market - or a junk yard.

I removed the protective ring from the small angle grinder. I cut the bottom of the can and made an opening that fits exactly into the shield seat. I radially cut the opening at the bottom of the can and got a "skirt", folded it into a ring, and tightened it with a ring and a screw around the seat on the grinder. Everything is visible in the pictures. I additionally made a "knife" from a stainless steel strap, sharpen the striking edge, bend the tips of the "knife" 8 mm straight down, and attach it to the grinder shaft. And examined the work, ran the test with the first dry fungus, and was delighted. "KP angle grinder" can grind all dry grain, corn, coffee, soybeans, mandels, nuts all kind .... etc. etc. - from large grains to dust, in matter of 19 seconds.


Pros: cost nothing Cons :?

Step 1: